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With over a decade of legal experience the Jonathan Mitchell Kester Law Firm will represent you with aggressive, competent, and enthusiastic expertise. Please click below to see some of our areas of specialization.


Criminal Defense/Expungement

Anything from a probation violation, bond hearing, record restriction/expungement all the way to a serious felony is within our area of expertise. Please click below to look further into our areas of practice.

Criminal Law, Appeals, Bond Hearings, Expungements/Record Restriction, Warrant Application Hearings, Homicide, Theft/Robbery, Assault, Juvenile, Drugs, Internet Crimes, Parole/Probation Violations, White Collar Crime



Driving Under the Influence and Traffic Violations are among the most common and serious cases involving citizens from all demographics of the State of Georgia. Click below to explore further the areas in which our firm can assist.

Aggressive Driving, COL Violations, DUI, Reckless Driving, Lane Violations, Failure to Appear, Failure to Maintain Lane, Following Too Closely, 10 Day Hearings, Hit and Run, Improper Passing, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices, Marijuana Possession, No Insurance, Suspended License/Registration


Personal Injury

In the unfortunate event that you are injured by the negligence of another driver our firm can vigorously represent you to provide you with the ability to recover what you deserve as a result of your injuries. Click below to find our areas of assistance.

Automobile Accidents, Trucking Cases, Worker's Compensation, Wrongful Death, Slip and Fall.


Contracts/Small Business

Whether you are just starting a small business or if you are established, looking to draft a contact, defending against an unlawful debt, or negotiating a merger, our firm can assist you. Please click below to find how we can help you.

Mergers, Bill Collection, Collection Defense, Contract Review, Contract Drafting

About Us

When faced with a criminal prosecution it is extremely important for every individual to have representation. Many people make the mistake of believing that once they explain their circumstances to a judge or prosecutor that their charges will be automatically dismissed or reduced to lesser offenses.

Anyone with extensive experience with the court system will tell you that this is almost never the case. In Georgia, the Court system is both vast and complex. There are over 350 municipal courts in this State and while all are subject to State law, each court also has their own specific loca l rules and ordinances that apply. What this means is that the method and strategy for obtaining a favorable result in one court may be completely different in another. These examples only explain the variances that exist in the municipal court system and does not begin to consider that differences in the various Superior, State, Magistrate, Probate, and Juvenile Courts.

The bottom line is that anyone that does not have a competent and experienced attorney goes into their case with a severe disadvantage and effectively forfeits their ability to make the law work for them.

The Jonathan Mitchell Kester Law Firm is dedicated to providing affordable and superior legal services for all of our clients. We believe that the best result will occur when the client has received an honest and knowledgeable consultation followed by open communication and dialogue with the client. We protect all of our clients from wrongful conviction whether it is at trial or on appeal. Our goal is to provide a resolution which takes into account not only the short term consequences of a prosecution but also the long term consequences of an arrest and/or conviction. Regardless of differences in race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs of our clients we will work hard for all of our clients.

With over a decade of legal experience in both Georgia and Florida Law, our firm has represented thousands of clients throughout the southeast United States. Allow the many years of trial, mediation, plea bargaining, and professional consultation of the Jonathan Mitchell Kester Law Firm work for you and your loved ones.

About Attorney

Jonathan M. Kester began his practice of law in the State of Florida where he was born and raised. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida. During his time in Florida, he gained experience at all levels of criminal law practice working on everything from death penalty appeals to traffic citations. It was also during this time that he began practicing civil law, learning the intricacies both personal injury and general civil litigation. In 2007, he expanded his legal career to the State of Georgia allowing him to practice law in both states. Currently, he is the founder and manager of the Jonathan Mitchell Kester Law Firm and serves principally as a litigator and counselor to his clients.

  • “The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.”

    - Aristotle

  • “The Constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.”

    - John Marshall

  • “Man is guaranteed only those rights which he can defend.”

    - Jack McCoy

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We serve clients all over the state of Georgia. Please look below to see some of our common areas of service.

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